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Mindful Meditation Classes in Laurel, MD!

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Optimal Oasis hosts monthly meditation classes in Laurel, MD.  Because we know the benefits of mindful meditation, these classes are open to the public. By doing so we hope to share these benefits with all of you!

In our practice, we define meditation as the process of training the mind to pay attention. Additionally, mindfulness is the practice of bringing that attention into now. More specifically, our teachers may ask you to focus on a sound, your breath or certain words. This helps focus and quiet the chatter in the mind.

Mindfulness puts space between ourselves and our reactions. Therefore, our conditioned responses begin to change. This makes meditation is one of the most effective forms of stress reduction. Furthermore, mindful meditation is a calming technique that transforms the mind over time. First, it helps to change thought patterns. Secondly, it develops concentration. Thirdly, it fosters positive emotions. Finally, it relaxes us so we can see the true nature of things.

The Benefits of Meditation


Reduce Stress

Improve Concentration

Self Awareness

Slow Aging 

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle 

Increase Happiness and Acceptance


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