Optimal Oasis

Our new wellness center in Laurel, MD specializes in small group yoga instruction for all!
Our licensed massage therapists know that mindful touch is essential to achieving optimal health.
Mindful meditation is a great way to quiet the mind and reduce stress.
Our workshops help you create and sustain optimal health in your life.


A Boutique wellness experience

Optimal Oasis


Optimal Oasis is a boutique wellness center in Laurel, Maryland. Our focus is creating opportunities for mindful movement in an environment of tranquility and restoration for our clients. Thus, we specialize in yoga and massage therapies for a niche clientele. Dr Marcia B. Levi created Optimal Oasis to answer this question:

How do we achieve and sustain optimal health?

We believe the answer is self-care through mindful living. Thus, our wellness center encourages several self-care practices. First, we practice mindful movement through yoga. Secondly, we support mindful touch (massage therapy). Thirdly, we practice mindful breath and thought through meditation. We also host regular mind-body workshops. We invite you to join us in moving mindfully into healthier living.



Optimal Oasis

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What They Say

It’s not often that people like to go to Dr.’s appointments; but Mom and I LOVE it when I have one with Dr. Levi!! She, her staff and the music she chooses are all good for healing the mind, body and soul.

Optimal Care. You are such a great team. Dr Levi I truly appreciate you. You are a great great caring Physician I can’t wait to get back to you. You made a great difference in my life and health. I always felt a sense of refreshing and renewal after every visit. I recommend you highly too many. Looking forward!!! God bless you and your staff in every way !!!

I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. The staff is personable, professional and friendly. Dr. Levi’s spirt hugs you the instant you are in her presence. She is personable, professional and makes you feel as though all your concerns are hers. The office atmosphere is serene, clean and spiritually uplifting.

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